The Secret of Wall Street

In Blog by Michael Arnold

wall streetThe Secret Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know. This will be eye opening for some of you. A ground breaking concept that Wall Street veterans have known for decades and that secret will now be revealed here. Are you ready? The secret is…there is no one secret. Do a google search for “The Secret Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know” and you get 15 million results. The top 5 include a book on amazon about index funds (not bad) and a few articles from reputable sources, but then the fun starts. Scores of books and websites claiming to be able to show traders “one weird trick” to making $XXXX per day or a simple, easy to understand “up or down arrow” program that wins 60% of the time, every time (credit to Anchorman’s Brian Fantana). Well, if there truly is one thing Wall Street doesn’t want you to know, it’s that trading can be taught and it can be learned, but it takes a bit of work and patience, just like ANYTHING else in life worthwhile.

We are supporters of Nadex products and doing your binary trading at the world’s only CFTC regulated binary exchange for exactly that reason. No brokers in between traders and the actual exchange and well crafted, regulated, limited risk products that protect traders as they go through the apprentice and journeyman stages of learning successful trading habits. Those stages can be painful, so don’t make them more painful by believe that a skill set so desired and rewarding as being a successful trader, can be given to you in one quick lesson by learning one secret kept in a hidden vault under the Wall Street Bull statute’s backside (pun intended). Put in the time and the work, and you will be rewarded. Now, where are my magic diet pills….

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