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The Path Less Traveled

Path Trading Partners was started by Mike Arnold and Bob Iaccino with one goal in mind: To remove the fog and mystery of trading and active investing and show the novice and journeyman trader alike that there is a path you can take to trading success. It is not the path most tell you. It is the Path Less Traveled.

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The Money Path Podcast

Peak Tesla? & Crypto Taxes!!

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The Money Path Podcast

Cryptos, Teslas & Jedi? Oh My!

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Trading Courses

Trading education that starts with the basics and leaves you with an understanding of complex trading products.


Learn actionable trading strategies. Step by step TOP DOWN analysis that leads you to a yes or no decision on trade selection.


PTP’s strategy specific tools that make trading decisions as clear as possible.


Education cannot cover all possible trading scenarios. We offer live Q&A webinars to help you with situation specific questions.

Years of Trading Experience

Years researching Price Action Trading and Investing

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